How To Explain Who God Is to My Child as a Christian Single Dad?

How do we explain who God is to our child when we aren't really sure ourselves? As our kid's keeper's, We need hard evidence and facts that prove God is real.


Aaron Nolan

1/18/20234 min read

How To Explain Who God Is To My Child?

I have spent a good portion of my life questioning things. I thought I was smart because I didn't fall for anything people tried to feed me. I felt especially witty for resisting the belief in a God. I wasn't going to fall for that ever, no matter what!

As I got older, I realized that by completely dismissing the God theory, I was not being wise, I was being stubborn.

How can I say I don't believe in something if I don't know anything about it? Where does a single dad start seeking answers about God?

You can't say The Bible. We are all pretty much in agreement that New Christian single dads don't care what the bible says, yet. It quite literally has NO MEANING to an atheist so it's not admissible during any conversations pertaining to the existence of God.

So, without using The Bible as a reference, how do I explain who God is to my child?

If God Really Loves Us, Where Is He?

If God loves us so much then why does he hide from us?

Why would a so-called father let so many bad things happen to his own children?

The answer that I give my own kids is rather simple.


Let's start with a little child that absolutely adores her Daddy. She has him wrapped around her finger and he always has her wrapped around one of his legs.

As we get older and become adults, our minds start to drift and wander into new areas of interest. We find new subjects to study and social circles to hang out with.

This little girl, in time, stops spending her extra time with her dad and eventually stops calling for advice completely.

Dad is at home, lonely, and hoping only for the best for his daughter.

One day, she ends up in jail for making some bad choices. Her father offers her a chance to come back home. He has a room for her and more importantly, a plan.

She will have a work schedule, a vehicle, self-care classes, and college courses at night to better her career. It will take some focus and dedication, but he has her entire future mapped out for her.

All she has to do is live with her father and keep her eyes focused on His plan and she will be successful beyond her own comprehension.

One morning, the daughter is gone. She had grown tired of the same routine and even started doubting her dad's plans for her. She left to be with her friends. She ditched her father to have fun with the world.

What can the father do at this point?

He tries calling her, but she just ignores her. He could drive to where she is and force her into the car, but he allows her to make her own choices.

If God were to show us that he is real then no one in heaven would be there because they earned it. God needs us to act on our own to seek him.

This brings me to the next question my kids had about God. If God cannot physically show himself to us, how can we find him?

Evidence of God in Our Everyday Lives

There is physical evidence all around us that a creator is involved in our existence.

In fact, even the most successful atheist and scientist cannot unravel the mysteries of our universe and how it came to exist. While they all agree with CAUSE AND EFFECT, (everything happens for a reason,) they have decided that the universe created itself for no reason at all. THE BIG BANG THEORY.

One day, for no reason at all, a collision happens in such a perfect way that planets , life, and every living soul just popped up out of nowhere in less than a single second.

While my hypothesis isn't much different, it at least has a purpose. My theory goes right along with theirs except they are forgetting one crucial detail. The part when God said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"

Every Season comes and goes in a perfect order. The way that the human body works like a fine tuned machine, the law of physics gives us perfect rules in which we can trust as we study space and time, the law of gravity keeps us exactly where we are supposed to be,, the laws of nature ensure that every physical object on our planet follows a distinct order and pattern.

Speaking of patterns, Another way that I can prove that a creator is involved is by the way that things are designed.

A rose, a seashell, the spiral look of our Milky Way galaxy are all built using the exact same mathematical pattern. The Fibonacci Sequence.

The Fibonacci Sequence can be found in the worlds tiniest snail to the largest galaxy on the universe.

It seems that no matter what or where something is, everything was made by the same creator.

The Power of God in Every Atom

The most significant sign of God's existence lies within every single atom. Just to be clear, everything in the world is built using cells. Atoms are what is used to build a cell.

Atoms are almost inconceivably small.

Each atom is constructed using a few different forces. One of the main forces that holds a cell together is Gravity.

However, when scientist broke down the physical properties of an atom, they discovered that their was absolutely no property or ingredient that was being used to hold the atom together.

In reality, every atom should just split apart and spread out into dust. But they don't.

Scientist studies this unknown force and were dumbfounded. This unknown force is six-thousand trillion-trillion-trillion times stronger than the force of gravity.

Scientist have named this unknown force that is responsible for holding our world together, The Strong Force.

I call it The Power of God.

When scientist tried to unleash the power that is stored inside of a single atom, it literally shook the world.

The Atomic Bomb is what happens when man tries to be as powerful as God.

Explaining Who God is to our kids
Explaining Who God is to our kids
How to find God for single dads
How to find God for single dads